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  • A First in the World by Bezmialem!

​Our academics at Bezmialem Vakıf University have developed a solution that will cure the disease with parathyroid insufficiency. Thanks to parathyroid cell transplantation, we had a breakthrough in medical literature at our university hospital.​

A patient who had serum treatment for 3.5 years with parathyroid hormone insufficiency, regained their health with a new technique developed completely by Turkish scientists at our university hospital.

With the new treatment method developed in our Parathyroid Transfer Center, which is the first parathyroid transplantation unit in the world opened in our university, the patients are regaining their full health thanks to the application of injections. The work of our academicians finally saved the life of a patient who had been hospitalized in Diyarbakir for 3.5 years. This success has also been a major influence in international literature.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu stated, "We have received a license from the Ministry of Health to perform the transplant, in this sense, we are the first and only health institution in Turkey to do so. This special transplantation process we are doing is also of interest overseas and there are also patients who have applied for transplantation from overseas. We have also received a special transferee from the Ministry for foreign nationals and we will apply the paratiroit transplant to them. I would like to point out that we have not paid any hospitals for these transfers until now and that we have done this as a local and national health service. In our labs at the Beykoz Institute, we are also working towards producing parathormone secreted by parathyroid glands and we are very close to the end. Within a short period of time we will have made an application to the Ministry for the registration of 100 percent of our domestic medicine. In the world, this production is very limited and is offered at very high cost to patients. We aim to offer this medicine to society at a much more accessible cost."

Head of Department of General Surgery and Paratiroit Transplantation Center Prof. Dr. Erhan Ayşan, "We are a multidisciplinary research group founded by academicians from 11 different sciences. We are the only center in the world that has been working on parathyroid transplant for about 6 years. A few years ago we got a transplantation license from the Ministry of Health and we have been transplanting up to this day. The patient in Diyarbakır is not our first transplant but it was the patient who made us very happy. It is of course great pleasure to discharge a patient who has been in the hospital for 3,5 years. "

Prof. Dr. Erhan Ayşan also said that besides the transplantation studies, 100 percent of the local new drug development studies were started and that the patients who had no chance for a transplant would be able to continue their daily life comfortably without needing calcium pills or serums.