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  • Graduation Excitement at Bezmialem!

​​​With a history of two centuries, our University, a pioneer in health care, has sent off its 2017-2018 academic year graduates.

Carrying the distinction of being Turkey's first health university, Bezmialem Vakıf University's Faculty of Medicine , Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health Care Vocational High School graduation ceremony was held with great enthusiasm between 9-13 July. Prof. Dr. Rumeyza Kazancıoğlu held the opening speech at the ceremony which showed a presentation of the history of Bezmialem, beginning with Valide Sultan.

In her speech, our rector Prof. Dr. Rumeyza Kazancıoğlu spoke to the young students; "Dear students, you graduate today. But you will always be our student and our pride. You have opened a new page for your future by completing the intensive education program of Bezmialem Vakıf University, which has a long history of about two centuries. With great enthusiasm you have taken the first step towards your carreer. You have earned your graduation diplomas which we will present to you for your work and efforts. First of all I congratulate all of you individually and I embrace you with love. "

Also referring to the sanctity of the health field in her speech, our rector Prof. Dr. Rumeyza Kazancıoğlu stated; "People throughout history have needed physicians and health personnel. Health is the most valuable and precious treasure of human life. Providing health care, saving lives and touching the lives of people and contributing to their happiness is beyond all kinds of admiration and there is no price tag on it. Whatever condition you find yourself in, you must remember the sacred importance of your profession. Always keep your motivation alive. When you are carrying out your duty with this consciousness and belief, be sure that you will always gain back physically and morally. There is no doubt that you, who grew up in the Bezmialem atmosphere, will fulfill your profession properly. Never forget that our most important responsibility as doctors and health workers is to raise the level of consciousness of our society. With this consciousness, I believe not only that you offer treatment to the illness, but far beyond that you will be a community volunteer who sheds light on tolerance and patience. " ​

In our graduation ceremony in 2017-2018, 102 students from the Faculty of Medicine, 86 from the Faculty of Dentistry, 59 from the Faculty of Pharmacy, 165 from the Faculty of Health Sciences and 334 from the Health Care Vocational High School were entitled to receive their graduation certificates.