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 Strategic Goals

1 Training and Consultancy
To train doctors that have rendered their career virtues as their character by keeping the academician and student level and the education infrastructure at the highest level, who hold academic and leadership talents, who dominate the local and global health issues, who have evidence based medicine know-how.

​2 Research
To carry out the basic clinical and social studies contributing to science that use science and technology in an effective way in order to solve the Daily and important health issues and gain them into literature.

3 Health Care
To provide a health care, which aims at duration in quality, variety in service, increases the scientific and educational quality of the academic personnel and medical students, which does not seek profit. 

4 Create Resource
In order to continue the Scientific research and resource creating culture by evaluating the international resources and providing their sustainability.

5 Institutionalizing
​To determine and inspect the authorization and responsibilities of the stakeholders, establishing continuity and increasing the corporate ownership according to the quality management standards in order for the establishment to reach its aims and goals by keeping abiding by the Bezmialem Vakıf Culture.​