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​Bezmialem Vakıf University is Turkey's first thematic university established in health field.  It differs from other foundation universities in the aspect that it is a foundation university established under the responsibility of the Vakıflar (Foundation) General Management. Our 2 century old hospital which is recognized under the "Bezmialem Valide Sultan Vakıf Gureba Hospital" name has provided education in specialty in medicine, research and health services for the last 50 years. Our university, with the accumulation of historical information, experience and being founded in a historical region, is comprised of 4 faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmaceuticals and health sciences and 3 institutes of health occupation high school, health sciences and forensic medicine and biotechnology.

Our universities basic fields are education and training, scientific research, science and technology production, health services, briefing the public, life long contributions to life by social and cultural services.

Educative, education materials and educational substructure and the level of students is a determining feature of the quality of our education.

Faculty members who are experienced in their own fields, who've acknowledged themselves in the scientific field, who've taken on the duty of providing service, educating and researching serve at our university. All faculty members and academics have an educational formation training.

Our faculty is the most preferred among the foundation universities medical faculties. The preference rate continues to increase every year. The distinguished students who arrive with a conscious choice to receive medical education are the motivation resources of our executives and educational team.

Composing the education curriculum and applying it is important for quality education. The curriculum, which are referred to as the core education curriculum, is determined by the higher education institute and is applied at all of our medical faculties. Broadened core medical education has been formed and is applied at our faculty.

The medical education at our faculty is followed by the curriculum automation programme. All lesson contents, training goals, qualifications, education targets and education outputs are determined and opened for the students access.  Education contents, lesson presentations and question bank has been built in a manner so that the students and instructors can easily access them.

Competence is the name given to the total information, skill, attitude and behaviour required for performing a job or a procedure. Many competencies such as the foundations of health science education , the  mechanisms of diseases, the treatment, prevention, public health are gained in medical education.   The competencies of the doctors, who are service providers of health, on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases is not enough for being good physicians. In order to carry out the art of being a physician , competencies such as management, team membership, health conservation, communication, possession of value and resonsibility, being a learner and teacher, medical law and health philosophy is required. All of these competencies are given to the students in both committee education programmes and in elective courses.

Our faculty acts out with the mission of scientificness, producing science, raising scientists. The research activities of our instructors are always encouraged. Researching the number and quality of scientific researches has become one of our strategic targets. Curricular partnership has been carried out with John Hopkins University which is one of the worlds most reputable medical education institutes.  The teaching  board named "Scholarly Concentration" is being practiced at our university jointly with John Hopkins University.  Student and lecturer exchanges are carried out with the regarding university. Our internationalism mission is carried out with the collaboration with the John Hopkins University and other international universities. Also, according to the support directives of our scientific research projects, the projects where the students are based in a team are prioritized and the amount of support is increased. Our students gaining competence in scientific thoughts, scientific research rules, writing scientific projects, becoming a team member in scientific researches, scientific article literacy and in many other areas.

Our hospital, established on an area wider than 55 thousand meter square in the center of Istanbul and holds more than 500 patient beds and 120 intensive care units. 5000 outpatient clinics serve a day. In our hospital which is used for our students training, the students get to observe all kinds of cases and gain experiences.